What we learned about Xbox Ones living-room future?

The initial slate of apps Microsoft has announced is pretty good, but the company is only promising theyll be available sometime between the launch day and spring 2014. Heres the full list:

Its that time of year again. Check out CNETs list of the best tablets and e-readers for the holidays, some of which will actually fit in your stockings! Maybe..

Even though the Xbox One may have some limitations when it launches on November 22, it was hard not to be impressed with the TV tech in person. With near-instant switching between TV and gaming, picture-in-picture multitasking, and voice control of live TV, it all feels like a significantly different experiWhat we learned about Xbox Ones living-room future?ence than anything the Xbox 360 could offer. And its easy to forget that when the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, neither offered streaming-video services like Netflix, so the Xbox One experience of today is likely to be a lot different from what it ends up becoming.

Its not a surprising limitation, as its the same stumbling block that Google TV and others have continually run into. But if youre the kind of TV watcher who rarely watches live TV these days, it pushes those one box to rule them all dreams just a little further away.

IR blasting works with TVs, cable box and AV receivers

Play To, but not regular DLNA, is supported

For example, that means if youre playing Forza 5 while keeping tabs on an NFL game in a picture-in-picture window, youll be listening to both at the same time, which seems like a recipe for sensory overload. Maybe it works better in practice than it does in theory — I didnt get to hear much mixed audio — but Im hoping this will get fixed early, as it seems to be a pretty big disincentive to using the snap functionality.

The Xbox One controls the rest of your home theater gear using an integrated IR blaster, similar to how Logitechs Harmony Smart Control works. The Xbox representative actually name-checked Harmony a few times and its an apt comparison, as during the initial setup youll need to enter the model number of your TV, amp, and cable box so they can be controlled.

For example, its easy to track down a program airing later in the day using OneGuide, but once you find it, theres no way for the Xbox One to schedule a recording — you need to pick up your cable box remote. Similarly, OneGuide doesnt know whats currently in your DVR, so if you tell Kinect to find that episode of Parks and Recreation you recorded last night living, youll come up empty. You can always switch over to your standard cable box remote to deal with DVR content,new york asian escort but thats well short of the single user intece that the Xbox One is aiming to be.

One cool new aspect of OneGuide Microsoft showed off is a feature called app channels. This integrates content from streaming services like Hulu Plus and Xbox Videos right into OneGuide, and apparently the platform will be open to any app maker that wants to develop for it. It was hard to gauge how useful this feature will be from the demo, but conceptually its scinating. Putting streaming services like Hulu Plus (or, in the future, Netflix and YouTube) right next to bona fide TV channels like Comedy Central or Fox even further blurs the line between Internet and TV content.

We already knew that the Xbox One would include Blu-ray playback, the TV overlay functionality called OneGuide, and built-in support for voice and motion control through the included Kinect. But many of the specifics have been hard to come by, especially regarding the challenges of integrated TV.


If youre a Live Gold subscriber, the Xbox 360 has a huge library of streaming-media apps, including Netflix, HBO Go, Rhapsody, and Xfinity TV. Dont expect all the same apps to be available on the Xbox One at launch.

The Xbox One feels like an entirely new living-room device, but there are still some hurdles on the way to its ambitions.

Expect fewer apps at launch

Not much DVR support

Seeing the OneGuide in action for live TV is pretty impressive; it lets you browse TV listings using voice and the controller much ster than a standard cable box. But when it comes to DVR control, the Xbox One is a lot less capable.

Thats been the pitch since Day 1 for Microsofts next-gen console, but it wasnt until this Wednesday that the CNET crew had a chance to check out many of the Xbox Ones home entertainment features in person.

New rumors point to the MaxiPad in March of next year, unofficial benchmarks for the New Mac Pro are out and Apple is going to start glass.

The Xbox Ones snap feature is awesome, letting you run two apps at once, with one of them in a picture-in-picture window. But it was surprising to learn in the demo that the audio between the two windows would be mixed together, rather than you getting to pick either the primary or secondary windows audio.

Snap is cool, but the audilivingo is mixed

App channels puts Hulu in your channel guide

Well have to live with the Xbox One in a real home environment to see how well it really acts as a living-room hub, but theres no doubt that Microsoft is laying some important groundwork that could pay off later.

And the wait may be longer than youd expect with the Xbox One, as Microsoft is pushing app developers to build Xbox One-specific inteces, rather than just cut-and-pasting the existing experience from the 360.

The Xbox One is ready to be the hub of your living room.

The soon-to-be released console was set up in a homelike environment with a standard Time Warner cable box, and while most of the demo was tightly scripted, I had the chance to nail down some of the lingering details of how the Xbox One will work in the living room.

Its a good-news, bad-news story for prospective Xbox One users planning to stream content from a network-attached storage (NAS) drive. The Xbox One is capable of playing by any video format supported by Windows and has some support for DLNA, but only DLNA devices that use Microsofts Play To standard. At least thats the official party line from Microsoft right now. I wouldnt be surprised if standard DLNA devices worked in some capacity, but perhaps not as reliably.



OS wars 2013 How the latest Mac and Windows upgrades compare living

If Ive learned anything over my long time here reviewing software at both CNET Download.com and Reviews, its that — as a rule — you should always update your software. Its fine to wait for a couple of weeks to make sure a developer has ironed out the bugs, but in the end youre probably going to get better stability, better security, and probably more useful features if you move on to the next version. Certainly there are cases where you upgrade to a program that makes it worse (such as putting iOS 7 on an iPhone 4), but by and large, staying up-to-date with your software is the best practice in my experience.

Change is good, but you have to do it the right way

Last year when Mountain Lion and Windows 8 were released, I wrote a piece comparing the Mac and Windows operating systems, and concluded that Apple took the better path by keeping its tablet and desktop operating systems separate. With Windows 8 Microsoft gave its operating system a complete makeover, asking that people change the way they use their computers. Now that the two operating systems have updated with Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1, I thought I should take another look at both to see if the update did anything to change my mind.

Surprise! The news isnt all bad — Windows 8.1 is an improvement

Windows 8.1 fixes some problems, but still isnt ideal

Moving iBooks onto the Mac was an obvious choice, giving you more places to read books.

Ferraris are known for looking hot and being st and expensive, almost to the detriment of their tech innovations. We explore the iconic cars tech milestones in our Top 5.

Windows 8.0 was a jarring upgrade for many users with the loss of the Start button, a whole new way to look at the Start Menu, and confusing gesture-based actions that didnt make sense for desktop users. Frankly, they didnt even make sense for tablet users either until you had some training. Ill never forget having to ask Seth Rosenblatt, who reviewed Windows 8.0, how to close a Metro app because it wasnt in the least bit intuitive. Why not just keep the red X at the top right instead of having to pull down from the top (more awkward with a mouse) and pull to the bottom of the screen? But I digress.

I was excited when I learned that Windows 8.1 would fix the major problems from the initial launch and bring back the Start menu. The problem is, the new Start Menu popup added in 8.1 isnt nearly as powerful as the one we had in Windows 7, and the fixes ignore the ct that the Metro intece is still much more suited to touch screens than desktops. Frustratingly, clicking the Start Button just brings up the Metro UI, but at least a right-click on the button brings up some of the features you had in the Windows 7 start button. As Dan Ackerman pointed out in his review, its exactly the sort of passive-aggressive compromise that backs up claims that Microsoft has lost touch with what consumers want.

The Start button is back in Windows 8.1, but its not as good as Windows 7.

If I ignore the live tiles entirely living, Windows 8.1 is the best Windows operating system yet. It boots incredibly st, has a vastly improved task manager, better security, and I find I spend much less time force quitting programs than I ever have in previous Windows versions. Its more stable, its ster, and works better than ever. Thats why I have such a hard time talking about Windows 8 with friends and colleagues; I can go on a rant about all the things I think are wrong with Windows 8, but in the end Ill still recommend you upgrade.

In other words, what you get with Mavericks are improvements for an already miliar intece,new york escort but with additions that let you do more with your Mac. Sure, there are still confusing things like the Launchpad, when you can open apps from the finder, but I think its pretty clear — as a free upgrade — its easy to recommend because it improves your experience all around.

For full disclosure, I primarily cover iOS and Mac software here at CNET including both operating systems, but that doesnt mean I know nothing about Windows. IvOS wars 2013 How the latest Mac and Windows upgrades compare livinge covered Windows software extensively here at CNET, including when Windows 8 first launched, and have been the primary reviewer of Microsoft Office since 2010. I also have a Windows 8 gaming rig at home that serves as my main home computer.

Hey, I like the way the Windows Start screen looks, but I just dont have any use for it on my desktop.

Tons of intece tweaks make actions easier than they were before. To give some examples, Top Sites in Sari now lets you rearrange your vorite sites so when you open a new tab you know exactly where to click to get your best sites up st. New Finder tabs make it easier to transfer files between two locations. Full screen apps have been fixed to work on multiple monitors, finally fixing a problem that plagued users of more than one display.

In other words, I am no stranger to Windows and use Windows 8 on a daily basis, which is why I havent changed my perspective much since the last major upgrade. I still think Mavericks expands on an already miliar operating system that makes the overall experience more efficient, whereas Windows 8.1 continues stubbornly on the idea that one system can work on both desktops and tablets. I like that Windows 8.1 brought a few miliar features back, such as the Start button, but it just doesnt go r enough toward it as useful as it once was in Windows 7. Furthermore, the tiled Metro UI (dont call it Metro!) is pretty, but is still largely a waste of time for people using a desktop, which — I might add — is the majority of users.

After reviewing Mac OS X Mavericks last week and with the release of Windows 8.1 the week before, I figured its time to take another look at how operating systems are evolving — for better or worse.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de ganarte esta increble tele con una excepcional calidad de imagen y mucho ms..

But with Windows 8.1, you get a mixed bag. It does indeed make using your Windows computer more efficient, adds security, and brings back the useful Start button, even if its not as good as what you had before. But until Microsoft finds a way to make the Modern UI useful to desktop users, youre going to see people bypassing the tiles for a way of computing that makes sense with a mouse.

Lets start with how Apple is doing it right. Mavericks is a free upgrade that makes your laptop battery life better through improved power management; adds useful apps brought over from iOS such as iBooks and Maps; and adds smart intece tweaks to make things easier without completely changing how you use your computer.

Jason ParkerJason Parker has been at CNET for more than 13 years. He is the Senior Editor in charge iOS software and has become an expert reviewer of the software that runs on each new Apple device. He now spends most of his time covering Apple iOS releases and third-party apps.

Mavericks improves on a miliar intece

The way I use Windows 8 at home is just as I would in Windows 7. The second the Metro intece loads up, I immediately hit the desktop tile to use the computer the way I always have. From there I can check e-mail, browse the Web, and do everything Ive always done with a Windows computer. And yet, I know there is this entirely other Windows experience that will get me most of the same things if I want to live in the tiled world. I know there are live tiles that show information in the new Start window, but how often am I really just staring at live tiles? The answer is never; When I turn on my computer, I have a mission in mind and I get to it. Though tablet users may disagree, to me it doesnt matter how colorful and pretty the modern UI is, nor does it matter that its great and makes sense on a Windows phone or tablet; its simply just another way to do the same things on a desktop with no appreciable advantage other than the look.

Mavericks is exactly the good kind of update Im talking about. It comes with new apps and new time-saving features that make common actions easier and more efficient.


POPSUGAR Style Trends

Were taking you inside Erin Wassons dressing room on the set of Styled to Rock, where we sat down with the model-turned-host to chat all about her new show, working with Rihanna, and her personal style.

For a single street style image to really grab our attention, well . . . youve gotta be doing something right. And out of the entire parade of real-girl shion on the sidewalks at Paris Fashion Week, this ultrafemme midi skirt look stuck in our mind most. Falls the perfect time to break out your midi you can still get away with bare legs, but youll want more coverage than a mini provides. Its ideal for pairing with the thinnest sweaters in your collection too and will only look better topped off with a classic trench or motorcycle jacket. Shop clockwise from top left:Madeleine Thompson sweater ($406), Kate Spade New York Avice sunglasses ($138), Ralph Lauren woven leather belt ($64), MSGM floral skirt ($843), Salvatore Ferragamo Tina pumps ($595), Tory Burch Scarab top-handle bag ($595)

and beauty newsletter!Help us customize your newsletter by selecting your interests (optional):

Weve rounded up the best looks from New York, London, Milan, and Paris  now, you get to narrow it down to just one standout winner. So, if its not Olivia or Giovanna, vote for your vorite now when you play the street style bracket right here!

Were taking you inside Erin Wassons dressing room on the set of Styled to Rock, where we sat down with the model-turned-host to chat all about her new show, working with Rihanna, and her personal style. Make sure to check out Styled to Rock when it premieres on Bravo tomorrow, Oct. 25.

The dress code was garden party chic for the attendees at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runway show. Chateau Marmont was scattered with a pretty set that included Diane Kruger, Emmy Rossum, Lea Michele, and, of course, Anna Wintour at the party feting this years finalists. And with an occasion that stylish, we expected no less than to see the stars wearing heavyweight labels  were talking Rodarte, Cushnie et Ochs, Calvin Klein Collection, Oscar de la Renta, and more. Find out who stunned in which party attire in the gallery!.

Traditionally thought of as a Summer staple, the maxi has legs past Labor Day . . . all it takes is some creative styling. Were rounding up and breaking down the five key ways were ours work this season, both at the office and on the weekends. Click through to see how this Chinti and Parker dress ($275) goes the distance.

Between bulous soirees, charity work, and important meetings, our vorite models, editors, and insiders gave us some awesome snaps this week.

With Scandals Season 3 well under way living style, Olivia and team are up to their gladiators in political and personal drama Olivias paternal relationship, more mentions of Operation Remington, and the Olivia-Fitz-Mellie love but our vorite fixers are tackling their woes in style.

Isabel Marant for H&M those four little words make our shion hearts skip a beat. In preparation for the Nov. 14 launch of the highly anticipated collection, we set out on a hunt to see which stars have rocked Marants most coveted pieces in the past. Most recently,new york asian escorts Freida Pinto and Olga Kurylenko modeled Isabel Marant for H&M at the Paris photocall. We can certainly see why these mous ces would gravitate to the designers mous high-top sneakers, knit cardigans, and printed dresses. And, like we presumed, this shion gang comprises all the coolest chicks: Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Biel, and Beyonc. Head inside to witness Hollywoods hottest rocking Isabel Marants greatest.

Whos Fashion Weeks biggest street style star? After nearly a week of battling it out in our first-ever street style bracket, Giovanna Battaglia and Olivia Palermo are in first and second place, respectively. But the question remains do you agree?

Every week, we bring you the best shoppable shion and lifestyle stories from the editors at InStyle.com, including this post about Oscar de la Rentas wedding-ready makeover.

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Vera Wangs Bridal Line Has Us Rethinking Pink

Derek Blasberg met up with Giorgio Armani (no big deal), Ariel Foxman admired the flowers he received from Victoria Beckham, and J.Crew officially opened up its mens store in London. Were exhausted just from seeing it all! Click through to see this weeks best shots, and dont forget to keep up with our editors by following us at popsugashion!

There may not have been a particular source of inspiration for Oscar de la Rentas bridal collection for Fall 2014, but the designer did look to his previous lines for some help. The strapless pink dress with a Watteau train that showed in his Resort 2014 line was re-envisioned for the bride, modifying the asymmetric hemline to graze the floor, lengthening the train and swapping out the blush hue for a traditional ivory wash. Clean and minimalist at first glance, its the wedding gowns dramatic yet elegant back that steals the show. The other nine dresses arent as understated. More like confectionery creations, the rest of the collection displays intricate detailing, like hand-cut cotton daisy guipure appliqu, allover pearl embroidery, and lace painted silk gazar. Click through to see Oscar de la Rentas entire 10-piece bridal lineup that had us saying, I do.

With Scandals Season 3 well under way, Olivia and team are up to their gladiators in political and personal drama Olivias paternal relationship, more mentions of Operation Remington, and the Olivia-Fitz-Mellie love but our vorite fixers are tackling their woes in style. From statement coats and structured suits to ladylike sets and designer accessories, Liv and company are bringing their A-game to the small screen and proving polished separates arent just for the boardroom. Each week, were tracking down the most sought-after styles, including exact pieces, and treating you to a sneak peek of regal looks from tonights episode. So put on your white hat, and lets get down to business.

Get a personalized shion

Former loves Johnny Depp and Kate Moss have reunited in Paul McCartneys Queenie Eye music video! Find out what went down on set and who else you can expect to see in the star-studded video on todays POPSUGAR Live! Plus, new details on Kim and Kanyes engagement, why the World Series is taking social media by storm, and more of todays biggest headlines. Click play to watch now!

Additional reporting by Melody Nazarian

Every week, we bring you the bestPOPSUGAR Style Trends shoppable shion and lifestyle stories from the editors at InStyle.com, including this post about Oscar de la Rentas wedding-ready makeover.

Marchesas Secret Garden-Inspired Bridal Line

Between bulous soirees, charity work, and important meetings, our vorite models, editors, and insiders gave us some awesome snaps this week.


EntertainmentNG News Nigerian Nollywood News entertainment

Just like Forbes, Huffington post has also released a list of its own version of 10 Richest African musicians. See the names of Nigerian musicians who…

This is what Im talking about! Media personality, human resources management consultant, entr…

Uche Jombo is a Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer. Uche was born in Abiriba,entertainment Abia State,new york asian escort Nigeria. She is a gra…

Vanity Fair has named Jay Z and Beyonce the No.1 power couple in America, beating the Obamas to the top position. According to Vanity Fair&w Establishment for 2013, Jay Z and Beyonce, who were ranked number 8 last year, are the most important powers that be in the U.S this year. Helping them nab

Fashion news alert! Marc Jacobs is leaving French shion house Louis Vuitton. Reports say the shion desiEntertainmentNG News Nigerian Nollywood News entertainmentgner wants to focus on his eponymous label …

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Popular gossip within celebrity circles in Ghana indicate Jim Iyke and his lady love Nadia Buari have sorted their differences, and are planning to ti… .

Popular gossip within celebrity circles in Ghana indicate Jim Iyke and his lady love Nadia Buari have sorted their differences, and are planning to ti…


Living Word Literary Agency


Melanie resides in the Atlanta suburbs and in her spare time enjoys baking, swimming, and taking long hikes with her husband, Heath, and their chocolate lab, Truffle. 

: Fiction One to two pages full story outline.

 With fiction it will be necessary to complete the manuscript before submitting to a publisher.  With non-fiction, credentials, platform, and/or a really good theme/felt-need will be required


Wish me good success! Thank you for an opportunity we new authors might never have absent your mission!

Thanks so much for all of the appreciation! So glad the information on the site is of help to you.

Good day! I simply would like to give you a big thumbs up for the great information youve got here on this post. I am returning to your blog for more soon.

Read New York Times &ll the best writers do.   

Keep at it as long as you believe you are called to write and you enjoy doing it.

(YA Non-fiction)

Simple Rules to Remember

 (Contemporary Romance)

 (Leadership / Social Media)

I will be coming back to your web page soon. Thanks ,Deb

:  Nonfiction outline of how the text or information will be presented (if applicable).

writers to write content for you personally? I wouldnt mind writing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome web site!


In 2000, April earned her Bachelors degree in Music Education from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA.  She then returned to her native state of Texas, teaching high school and junior high band.  In 2003, her junior high band placed 5

:    Proposed title (and subtitle if nonfiction).

:  One/two sentence description that pulls the reader in.

Temporarily, April has left the teaching profession to be a stay-at-home mother.  She currently enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Jason, and their son and daughter.  She teaches high school girls Sunday School and remains involved in her husbands band program by instructing his auxiliary group.  She enjoys songwriting, singing and playing the flute (or whatever instrument she can get her hands on!).    ; 

In April of 1997, Kimberly Shumate began her employment in the sales department of Harvest House Publishers as the assistant to the National Sales Manager as well as the International Sales Director. Within four years, she was hired into the editorial department steeped in the slush pile of would-be/trying-to-be/cant-seem-to-be authors. Having been a screenwriter since 1995, a freelance article and book contributor, her ability to identify and polish the diamonds hidden within the coal mines of unsolicited submissions gives her an eye for talent and a heart for the underdog.

:   What other books on this subject are currently in print or have been previously published?  to include book title, author, publisher, and release date with a quick explanation of the book is needed. Try to find at least three comparable books.

Hi! I simply want to offer you a big thumbs up for your great info youve got right here on this post. I am returning to your site for more soon.

Research the agency and the genres it represents.

Nick Harrison (Christian Living)

Put somethingpreferably the book titlein the email subject line. Dont leave it empty.



Make clear who your audience is and the genre

Query letters should begin with courtesies.


:  Nonfiction what is this book about? Summarize its contents. Whats the takeaway value or felt-need addressed? 

Note: An excellent book marketing resource is Sell Your Book Like Wildfire by Rob Eager (2012).  Social Media is so importantFacebook, Twitter, or even a QR code that takes the reader to a dynamic destination such as an active blog, a video, an audio or book trailer not to the authors static website.

Typos and misspellings

:   Fiction give an overview of the series; title and short story synopsis.  Non-fiction pitch upcoming projects; title/subtitle and short description

You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you


Excessively long sentences &o I threw my hat in the proverbial ring! Ive been working on the manuscript for 7 years and couldnt get over the initial shock at being finished!

Too many sentences beginning with He, She, or I

Kimberly Shumate Living Word Literary Agency

Formerly a partner of Stratemeyer Syndicate, originators of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, Nancy wrote and edited dozens of popular stories under the pen name Carolyn Keene. She now resides in Indianapolis, home to the Indy 500, Formula One, and The Brickyard.

Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.


UPDATE:  No YA fiction,  artwork, cookbooks, childrens books, science fiction or ntasy, novellas, devotionals, memoirs or autobiographies, poetry, or screenplays. No simultaneous submissions, please.

Submit an initial query with short synopsis and first chapter via Word attachment (electronic submissions only).  Do not cut and paste your sample chapter to the body of your email. If the material fits the agencys interests, then a request  for additional material will be sent to you within one week. If you do not receive a response, it means that your project simply doesnt fit the agencys program, and we wish you well in your continued pursuit of representation.   


(not that I personally would want toHaHa). You definitely put a new spin on

Drew is also a storyteller who performs onstage and at festivalssometimes telling stories from Christian history. He has published a book of humorous historical tales, and a few entertainment pieces in newss and small magazines. Even his psychology textbook has humor in it, as he likes to entertain when he educates. He has appeared on CNN several times and his research has been quoted in Glamour magazineand Ladies Home Journal.


Nancy Axelrad left behind her life in East Coast suburbia in 1992 and has not looked back. Setting off on a solo thousand-mile road trip to finish work on a stage play about radical ith, she learned that discipleship is not for men only. Later she learned the cost of it under fire. Working as a magazine editor and a technical writer, she diversified her skills while honing her ith. She now serves on the Adjunct Faculty in English of the nations largest single-accredited community college committed to accelerating greatness.





Married to Patti for the last 26 years, they have two children, Rebecca (21) and Ryan (16) and reside in Meridian, Idaho. Rick enjoys reading, music, travel, baseball, and motorcycles.  

: List any established authors that will back your book with a written statement.  If none, then list a handful of authors that write books similar to your own.

I always emailed this weblog post page to all my contacts, as if like to read it

Visible cc email addresses         

:  What makes your book different than those you mentioned above?

Bryce is married to Laurie and they have three great kids.  When not involved in ministry, teaching, or writing, Bryce can be found with his mily, working on his house, or volunteering with community organizations like Habitat for Humanity. 

Drew Sappington is a clinical psychologist who has worked extensively in university settings as a researcher and professor. He has published one psychology textbook and forty articles in peer-reviewed professional journals including Psychological Review, American Psychologist, and Journal of Psychology and Religion. Drew has done clinical work in mental hospitals, prisons, schools, and private practice, which reflects in his genre of fiction. Because his specialty is anger problems, he has worked with many criminals like those in his latest book, Ethical Crime Inc.

Jeff grew up in Richmond, VA and moved to the Seattle area in 1990. After graduating with a B.A. in Biblical Literature and a minor in Greek, he went on to graduated magna cum laude with a Master of Religion, a Masters of Religious Education, and a Master of Divinity equivalency through Liberty University. He is in the final year of a Doctor of Ministry program specializing in Discipleship at Talbot School of Theology.



Clich laden text

Mark Littleton is a well-known author in the ICRS, with more than 100 titles in print from major Christian publishers. He has had several bestsellers in the childrens book arena, and has been on such major news shows as Fox and Friends on Fox News Network. He is married to Jeanette and they have four children.

: Include education, professional contacts, writing awards, etc.  Share experience in public speaker, and any websites or active blogs.     State why youre the best person to write this book, and your connection to the subject.

:  Fiction optional but appreciated by Christian agents and editors.  

Nancy Axelrad  (Contemp Fiction)

Predictable dialogue


During her years of teaching,living April developed a heart for the struggles of teenage girls as she witnessed the ual pressures they ced at school.  Having been led by God to pray for her future husband as a youth, and, through His Grace, maintained her ual purity until marriage, she found that girls received encouragement through her testimony.  As a result, she has felt God leading her into writing as a means of sharing her message. 

As a cultural explorer and leadership imaginer, Dr. Chromey has served the church as a pastor or professor of ministry for over a quarter century. He holds a Doctor of Ministry (Leadership in the Emerging Culture) from George Fox Evangelical Seminary (2007) and has traveled widely as a speaker, teacher, and consultant for churches, schools, and businesses for Leading from the Edge ministries, and speaks to thousands of leaders every year.  He has penned four books, including his most recent Thriving Youth Ministry in the Smaller Church (Group 2010) and contributed to more than a dozen others.  Dr. Chromey has also been a columnist on preteen insights for Childrens Ministry Magazine and has more than 100 articles in print.

Write cover letter in 1

Melanie LeGrand grew up in a small town in Ohio, and nothing was more exciting than the traveling bookmobile or a visit to the local libraryexcept winning a writing contest in the third grade. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Education and worked for many years in the public and private sector helping students reach their academic potential while sharing her love of writing and reading. Her creativity soon spread in new directions, and baking became more than a hobby. She opened a pastry business where her gourmet tarts and cheesecakes quickly rose to local celebrity status (her secret lies somewhere between eggs and the art of whisking).

Steve Miller is the author of a dozen books, including One-Minute Praises &hysically,new york asian escort model emotionally or spiritually. Our culture cheers the professional athletes and celebrities who overcome personal challenges, but are often blind to the heroes living among us.  A January Thaw honors two people I knew growing up. Each had recognizable disabilities, but remained invisible to most, with the exception of town bullies, too young to appreciate the crosses life can bestow. 

Dana Abbott Celich (Historical Romance)

  Nonfiction you can use bullets to organize the specific goals of your book.

Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out

Too much telling and not showing

How to WOW an Agent!

Ephesians 3:20-21 (NIV)

Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the

Cinda lives and writes from her home near Louisville where she enjoys a busy life with her husband and two extraordinary children.

and say I really enjoy reading through your blog posts.

just great!

posts to be what precisely Im looking for. Do you offer guest

Proposals are single-spaced and written in third person; manuscripts are double-spaced


Inner dialogue.                                                  





Jeff Kennedy (Leadership/Christian Living)

:  List by bullets the  and audiences.

Drew teaches Sunday school at First United Methodist Church in St. Augustine, Florida.

:  Research stats/cts and any pertinent information that will help sell your idea to the agent/publisher. Ways that your book can be successfully marketed to its targeted audience. Avenues the author can promote the book: radio, television, magazine, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


Book Proposal Outline

Danas love of history comes naturally. Her paternal grandparents both published books on historical subjects, and she grew up scinated by stories of her ancestors. These include colorful characters such as Col. John Jones, who married Oliver Cromwells sister, signed the death warrant of King Charles I, and was later drawn and quartered!

Slow starts 

Living Word represents adult fiction (Amish and Historical Romance needed), Christian living, dating/marriage, parenting, self-help, apologetics, health, inspirational, environmental, social issues, pop-culture, womens issues, and mens issues.

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Living Word Literary Agency Blinds And Shades .


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Dana lives in Western Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two little fluffy white dogs. When she is not at workor holed up reading and writingDana can be found singing on her church worship team or helping her daughter with school projects.

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Dana earned her undergraduate degree in religion at Duke University then moved on to graduate studies in theology and church history at Yale Divinity School and Regent University. Her creative side also found inspiration at Regent, where she received a masters degree in communication with an emphasis in television and drama. She put her dramatic talents to use writing the script for the inspirational stage musical Future City, which was produced multiple times in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida over the course of a decade. For the last fifteen years, she has worked as an award-winning graphic designer for a global safety products company.


Nick Harrison is a senior editor at prominent Christian publishing house and is the author of several books including Magnificent Prayer, 365 WWJD: Daily Answers to What Would Jesus Do? and As Grandpa Says.  Nick is married and the ther of three daughters and the grandther of four. He and his wife Beverly make their home in Oregon.

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PO Box 40974, Eugene OR 97404

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Cinda King (Womens Devotions/Inspirational)

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Vin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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(Christian Living)

(Contemp/Adventure Fiction)

At its core, A January Thaw acknowledges the moral imperative of personal accountability and the belief it is never too late to right a wrong. Its protagonist comes to realize courage is not a singular event it is a bell to be answered every day. Empowerment comes from realizinlivingg beingLiving Word Literary Agency emotionally bruised does not provide immunity from action.

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Cinda is the author of Walking with Moses Talking with God (Randall House Publishing, 2008) and is an oft requested devotional writer for Smyth and Helwys Publishing, as well as a contributor of retreat, seminar, and conference materials.  She has published articles and inspirational pieces in magazines, devotional booklets, and monthly newsletters.  As a speaker, she enjoys sharing her experiences as a wife, mother, and unlikely leader.

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  (Womens Inspirational Fiction)

While Jeff serves as Adjunct Professor of Religion at Liberty University where he teaches Bible, Theology, and Ministry courses, he is also a popular writer and conference speaker. He is the Pastor of Discipleship at Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, WA and has had the privilege of leading scores of individuals to Jesus during the last eighteen years.


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The following is a workshop I taught at the Northwest Christian Writers Conference held May 17 18th, 2013. (Please excuse the format).

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It is the goal of Living Word to represent the works of authors dedicated to fulfilling Gods promise of purpose, hope, and healing. To bring new and talented writers to the attention of Publishers best suited to their heart and message. And to encourage and promote fledgling newcomers, building a strong foundation of integrity and respect through growing relationships within the publishing industry. 

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in the state round of the T.M.E.A. Honor Band competition.  Throughout her college and professional career, April and her husband have taught leadership camps during the summers, performed at youth camps and at True Love Waits events through their music, drama and juggling.

Dr. Rick Chromey (Leadership/Christian Living)


A graduate of Georgetown College, Cinda King received her BA in Psychology with emphases in Philosophy and Religion in 1982. She has been privileged to share her gifts of organization, hospitality, and leadership throughout her professional career.  First, as the Director of Daily Activities and Special Events at Locust Grove Historic Home in Louisville, Kentucky, but recently and more significantly as the Director of Hospitality and Special Events and the Womens Ministries Coordinator at St. Matthews Baptist Church.

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Cutting &owever, many agents do not respond if they are not interested in the project.

After a move to north Georgia and persevering through several personal adversities, God redirected Melanies attention and her childhood dream of writing came full circle. They say write what you know, and she is doing just thatcreating characters on the verge of rediscovering themselves and their dreams come true.

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Best freakin website on the internet when it comes to solid literary advice. Youre a ROCK STAR Kimberly Shumate!

Agenda-driven plots

Thanks so much to everyone who has found the information here of help. Thats my main goal to make your literary goals and dreams become a reality. Your encouragement in my pursuit is appreciated more than you know.

Bryce is the Lead Pastor of Parkview Alliance Church in Vermilion, Alberta, Canada.  He is in the final stages of completing a Doctor of Ministry (Semiotics and Future Studies) at George Fox Seminary, studying the effects of social media on preaching.  With a keen interest in technology and the practice of ministry, Bryce has a unique ability to understand and articulate the changes, challenges, and opportunities that are emerging with a creative voice, insightful analysis, and hopeful vision. 



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entertainment Hopster to leap into kid-friendly streaming in November

Tell us which appliance youd make smarter. Share your thoughts and youll be entered to win the iRobot Roomba 790..

Walters didnt say when — or even if — the service will be coming to the US.

Don ReisingerDon Reisinger is a technology columnist who has written about everything from HDTVs to computers to Flowbee Haircut Systems.

Named Hopster,entertainment the company plans to launch an ad-free television and learning application for iOS in November, Nick Walters, its founder and a former Viacom executive, revealed to All Things Digital on Thursday. The service, which will be designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 6,new york asian escort will launch in the UK, but could make its way to other countries at some point.

According to Walters, his service will launch with 800 episodes of popular kids shows such as Babar and Paddington Bear. Itll also feature kid-friendly games. He told AllThingsD that Hopster has so r raised a little over $1 million, and will charge customers between $8 and $10 per month to access the service. At its onset, the service will be available exclusively as an iOS app.

A new company out of the UK has designs on becoming the Netflix for children.

Theres a lot to love about iOS 7, but some of its new features just get in the way. Here are solutions to some of iOS 7s most annoyinentertainment Hopster to leap into kid-friendly streaming in Novemberg flaws.


entertainment Broadcom announces new wireless chips for cars

Broadcoms new BCM89335 5G WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Ready combo chip will allow automakers to easily integrate the latest generation 802.11ac wireless standards,entertainment which Broadcom markets as 5G Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication into their vehicles with one thumbnail-size chip. Also in the lineup is the BCM89071 Bluetooth Smart Ready chip for applications that dont require Wi-Fi.

Antuan GoodwinAntuan gained most of his automotive knowledge the old shioned way, by turning wrenches in a driveway and picking up speeding tickets.

Tomorrows cars will probably all be connected cars. For drivers, this means better access to the media on your phone and in the cloud, but for automakers that means finding better and easier ways to add that connectivity to their vehicles. Enter Broadcom with its newly announced line of integrated wireless chips for automotive applications.

Weve already started to see some of these wireless technologies their way into cars that you can buy today,new york asian escort model but with automotive product cycles being what they are, it will probably be a while before we start to see Broadcoms newly announced chips their way into production cars.

For example, a car parked in a garage could quickly sync media with a home 802entertainment.11ac Wi-Fi network thats in range. A driver with a smartphone could take advantage of that phones Internet connection to provide data to the vehicles navigation system via Bluetooths 2.4GHz connection while simultaneously streaming video to a rear-seat entertainment system over the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection without the signals interfering with one another.

Broadcoms new line of integrated 5G Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chips will make it easier for automakers to add connected features to future cars.

Broadcom also spoke to us about taking advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy tech to provide connectivity with wearable technologies. Perhaps those newngled smartwatches that manucturers are rushing to the network will one day be able to connect to your car to serve as a key or send biometric data to vehicle safety systems.

Theres a lot to love about iOS 7, but some of its new features just get in the way. Here are solutions to some of iOS 7s most annoying flaws.

These technologies will allow vehicles to communicaentertainment Broadcom announces new wireless chips for carste with smartphones, home networks, and more, which in turn gives the driver and passengers access to a variety of potentially cool features.

Tell us which appliance youd make smarter. Share your thoughts and youll be entered to win the iRobot Roomba 790..


Smartwatches A revolution on your wrist? living style

-You know, its kind of fun these days telling folks about Google Glass and smart watches because they give you that look like, What is wrong with you? Then I wait for the Dick Tracy jokes to subside and then tell them how smart watches could have a real shot at ubiquity if they succeed in our increasingly chaotic mobile devices r and more personal. -Welcome to the future. Just a moment. I just got a message. -You can put it up to your ear like this and take calls privately. -Swipe down to activate the built-in camera, which lets you snap still images in 10-second videos. -Other uses could be taking a picture with your phone remotely, or checking your route while youre on a run, or controlling the volume of your music. -A gentle swipe takes you from one feature to another. Going back is as as swiping down from the top bezel. -Canalys research predicts some 5 million smart watches could sell in 2014. Nobody really knows, but even that goal could be awfully lofty if smart watches as a group dont nail three things. First, look good. This is shion, not just tech, but how many tech companies do you know are actually good at shion? Apple is. Sony was. Google, Microsoft, not really. And startups like Pebble, they do have a certain new cache but not on established style language. Second, make sense. Not just it clear how to use a smart watch, but why I would use one. The makers who get that done first, I think, will win first. Getting across the message that a smart watch can thin out and suce the important stuff on our increasingly busy and vertical phones and tablets. In other words, play the hits of digital living on my wrist. And third,new york asian escort model measure me. The market for fitness wearables is real. Think of Fitbit Flex, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up. Those overall will sell some 80 million units in 2014, over 200 million by 2018, and yet I dont think most people are gonna wanna wear both if they dont have to. So here is a place where smart watches could eat a lot of lunches if they can roll up that body matrix piece, that fitness piece as well.

If youre interested in a Mercedes or a BMW and youre not taking a look at 2014 Kia Cadenza,living style then CNETs Brian Cooley has some words for you.

Inside Scoop: The watch wars are starting to tick

PVPs enable video on the go

Sonys $149 SmartWatch hands-on

AWD systems explained

To play this video, you need Javascript enabled and the latest version of Flash installed. Install Flash now

CNETs Editor at Large Brian Cooley checks out the latest portable video players and explains how these pocket-size devices could do for video what the MP3 player did for audio.

Created: 09/12/2013 Analysts predict 5 million smartwatches will ship in 2014. CNETs Brian Cooley explains why they could have a real chance of success with consumers.

CNETs Editor at Large Brian Cooley explains how wireless networking technology allows consumers to watch digital media stored on their personal computer on living room TVs without running cables.

For years, some automakers have installed a black box in your car, recording the data and analyzing your driving habits. But soon the federal government will require all vehicles to have them. Will such a device help or hurt you? CNETs Brian Cooley explains.

Black box: The snitch inside your car

2014 Kia Cadenza

The Android-powered Im Watch smartwatch promises to pack lots of apps on your wrist

In this Inside Scoop, CNETs Kara Tsuboi and Josh Lowensohn discuss the revival of smartwatches. Major manucturers like Samsung have announced theyre getting into the game with rumors that Apple might be soon to follow. Hear what these watches are designed to do, how they can be successful, and the target price point.

You dont have to spend a lot or even anything to get driving directions in your car. Brian Cooley explains.

The Sony SmartWatch sure looks stylish and, powered by Android, promises to bring a host of slick smartphone features to your wrist.

GPS on the cheap

For $350, the Im Watch smartwatch touts a bevy of capabilities including running apps to view phone info and make calls right from your wrist.

Car Tech 101, Hybrid systems explained

From 4-wheel drive to all-wheel drive, CNETs Brian Cooley explains how they have evolved and the differences between them.

CNETs Brian Cooley explains the differences in hybrid technologies and how they efficiently manage fuel consumption and power..

WSmartwatches A revolution on your wrist?, living stylei-Fi in the living room


BlackBerry bid will be financed Faixs Watsa says entertainment

Faix Financial Holdings CEO Prem Watsa told Reuters that he believes the consortium will be able to come up with the money needed to pay for the $4.7 billion bid.

BlackBerrys Z10 smartphone.

Dara KerrDara Kerr, a freelance journalist based in the Bay Area, is scinated by robots, supercomputers and Internet memes. When not writing about technology and modernity, she likes to travel to r-off countries.

BlackBerry announced Monday that it had entered into talks with the consortium, which is led by Faix Financial. Under the proposed deal, shareholders would receive $9 a share in cash, a slight premium to the roughly $8 that the stock is currently trading at.

We wouldnt put our name to such a high-profile deal if we didnt feel confident that at the end of the day that ourBlackBerry bid will be financed Faixs Watsa says entertainment due diligence would be fine and wed be able to finance it, Watsa told Reuters.

Short term these things fluctuate — there is speculation one way, theres speculation the other way,new york asian escort Watsa told Reuters. We never pay too much attention to the marketplace.

Theres a lot to love about iOS 7, but some of its new features just get in the way. Here are solutions to some of iOS 7s most annoying flaws.

Faix is BlackBerrys biggest shareholder and intends to contribute its 10 percent stake in BlackBerry to the consortium. The consortium has until November 4 to complete its due diligence of the companys financial shape. During that period, BlackBerry has a right to entertain other offers.

The man behind the consortium offering to buy out BlackBerry and take it private offered some insight into the deal on Wednesday.

After the struggling smartphone maker threw in the towel and announced its plans to go private, the man behind the buyout proposal, Prem Watsa, says hes confident the deal will succeed.

Watsa has a track record for smart business deals that have given him a name in the financial world. He has been the Faix boss since 1985, and despite a couple of lackluster years recently, Faixs sales and earnings have been climbing entertainment, while the companys stock price has compounded at 19 percent annually since he took over.

Its unclear what BlackBerrys investors think about the possible buyout. The companys shares closed $1 below the $9 per share bid price on Wednesday, which could mean that investors are wary, according to Reuters. But Watsa didnt seem deterred by these numbers.

Tell us which appliance youd make smarter. Share your thoughts and youll be entered to win the iRobot Roomba 790..


Entertainment Tonight entertainment

From: Deader Country is set for release in 2009. Whilst wagging school, two teenagers stumble across a …

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has anyone ever heard of this show? i believe the old one was called USA Up All Nite i believe…a lot of people really like it……

Why would the Jacksons be asked if they missed Michaels presence in the group? When was the last time they all played together? Were they there when Michael needed them – instead of the drugs? Seems like it would be said of other groups that they are profiting from the death of their brother!!

has anyone ever heard of this show? i believe the old one was called USA Up All Nite i believe…a lot of people really like it……

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Plus: CHiPs pulled over for series reboot, the stupidest TV convention ever,new york asian escort model zombiEntertainment Tonight, entertainmentes and vampires, and Tony Robbins needs your help for a change.

How can this Producer (Jo) get away with being associated with Anna Nicoles legacy when his reputation for violating women is…

On our list this week: Season finale hook-ups, Entertainment Tonights Mary Hart, and L.A. Noires stellar, TV star-studded cast.

I dont know if anyone is reading, or even agrees, but Id like to see some tv show play the theme song from the 2007 movie FLIC…